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Getting to Know Us

When you hear our name your first thought might be, "isn't that what people say about champagne," but  we are here to extend this verb to a lot more. 

Poppin Bottles is a brand that solutes the fun and experience behind opening up a bottle and sharing it with those around you. 

The great thing is that this all started when we returned from a trip to Napa, took a wine making class, and after making 210 bottles, realized this was much more than just a budding hobby. What we quickly realized is that first and foremost, we are not expert wine makers, but we are great business people. Therefore, we set out on a mission to partner with great wine makers in California to make our dream come true. And, to ignite the aspiring wine maker in others, decided to add the DIY wine making supply business into the mix. 


Our Mission


To provide our customers with a quality product and experience whether that be as part of our wine club or supporting them on their wine making adventure with our bevy of DIY supplies and specialty products.  Whether it be educating a newcomer or sharing our varietals with an enthusiast; it is about creating connections through our products and exceptional customer service.

The Dynamic Duo


Brooke and Matt are not only husband and wife, they are truly best friends.  Brooke has a background in human resources and recruiting and Matt's background is in retail, sales, and operations.  They have both always been visionary thinkers and have dreamed of the day when they would start their own business.  For them it is all about building relationships, sharing experiences, and having fun all at the same time.