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Wine Making Classes (Extra Guest +1)

Wine Making Classes (Extra Guest +1)
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What a fun way to spend and afternoon or evening with friends, family, or really just about anyone!  

Our wine making class is designed for beginners up to experts who are looking to learn more about the DIY/Home Brew process and have some fun.  During the class we will talk about the process, share some of our wine with you, and get you started on the journey of making your own.  

At the beginning of the class you will select a wine of your choice from one of our Wine Receipt Kits and we will provide all of the supplies.  By the end of the class your wine will be mixed and ready to ferment.  You will leave the wine with us and we invite you back to experience each part of the process.  We will then teach you how to rack the wine, test sugar and alcohol content, and of course bottle your wine to take home!  

The best part about taking this class is that you will end up with 27-30 bottles of your very own wine to enjoy!

Want to personalize your wine?  We can help! Ask us about custom labels during the class.